5252 by o!oi는 O!Oi의 세컨드 브랜드로서 유니섹스 라인의
            베이직하며 캐쥬얼하게 전개되는 컬렉션입니다.
            매 시즌 재미있는 소재를 컨셉츄얼하게 플어나갈 예정이며
            한국을 기점으로 아시아,그리고 유럽 등 세계적으로 유통망을 늘리고 있습니다.
            This is the second line of O!Oi, Unlike the first line,
            it is a uni-sex line developing to be more casual, basic and sporty.
            Determining interesting concepts in every season,
            O!Oi has been developing conceptual image in the same manner.
            5252 by O!Oi has already been located ing editing stores in Korea
            as well as many stores in foreign countries.
            They plan to increase the distribution network in all over the world.